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contemporary abstract art for the contemporary intentional life

Jacqueline Smith Fine Art (JSFA) is building a community of art collectors and eco-organizations that are ensuring essential resources remain available for the protection of planet Earth . . . and you can help.

JSFA offers a 20% discount on original fine art when the buyer donates that same 20%-dollar amount to a non-profit eco-organization currently working to restore the health of our planet.

- JSFA applies 20% discount to purchase price.
- Buyer donates the 20% discounted dollar amount to a non-profit organization that is currently working for the preservation, protection, and sustainability of planet Earth. (A list of vetted, credible, legitimate organizations will be provided to choose from, if necessary.)

- Buyer receives a Certificate of Authenticity for original artwork.
- The 20% discounted dollar amount donated to a viable non-profit organization is tax-deductible for 2024.
- The buyer also receives a 20% reduction in Texas sales tax at the time of the purchase.

Commissions are available.

contemporary abstract art for the contemporary intentional life

  • 606 East 8th Street, Elgin, TX, USA
  • P.O. Box 834 Elgin, Texas 78621

contemporary abstract art for the contemporary intentional life

About image
As a young person, I enjoyed painting but didn’t appreciate the full scope of its value to my life. Then during college, I decided to take a path different from art and initiated a writing career. That decision served me well until notions of painting began stealing back into my quiet, reflective moments.

In late 2018, as eagerly as a whispered secret, thoughts of art making urged me to enroll in an acrylic painting class. That experience reminded me how much I love this form of self-expression. Being a writer is a respectable life choice, but I find painting more surprising, liberating and authentic. I now have a deeper appreciation for the work, process and results – and most importantly, how being a contemporary abstract artist informs my personal life – how I frame interpersonal relationships and see nature.

Today my art practice is both deliberate and unstructured. In the process of laying down layer upon layer of thick paint with a pallet knife or towel, I discover the life of the painting. My intuitive, unrestrained approach to art making allows the subject organically to reveal itself. There is something magical – and terrifying – about avoiding a specific plan when starting an abstract piece and letting the work reveal itself in its own way and time.

The two primary energizers for my creative expression are emotional reactions to life events (e.g., romance . . . or the lack thereof . . . and the American political scene), and the fascinating, intricate abstract design found in nature. Both life events and nature require focus, respect and passionate expression.

Reconnecting with art making after a protracted separation, I recognize myself now not as an artist whose visual expression has lain fallow for years, rather as one who has so much more to say without using a word.

The Approach

I am a contemporary abstract artist, who paints from my heart.
I rely on my intuition to create mood and energy in each piece.
My purpose and process result in movement, complexity and trust that invite intimate interpretation.

Mission Statement
to speak love in the art we create and all business relationships

Commissions are available.

Jacqueline Smith Fine Art
P.O. Box 834
Elgin, TX 78621

contemporary abstract art for the contemporary intentional life


Trinity Street Playhouse Group Exhibit

dates: April 23 - June 8, 2024

location: Trinity Street Playhouse, 901 Trinity Street, Austin 78701

contemporary abstract art for the contemporary intentional life

K.T. vs. Bastrop County Sheriff's Department

Throughout history artists have used their artwork to depict their truth about religion, love, war, politics, and social injustice. I’ve even produced a few paintings myself inspired by the dark side of American politics and love, or . . . well, the loss of romantic love.

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Casein: The Ancient New Paint

Casein (kay seen) commonly referred to as milk paint has a history as long as humankind. It is an ancient milk-based opaque paint that has been used by residents of prehistoric caves, Renaissance Old Masters, amazing contemporary artists like Nagel Klein, and so many others in between.

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Revitalize Your Babies

If you’ve ever had a writing coach, most likely you’ve heard the phrase kill your babies. This directive, as you’ll remember, means to edit out all phrases, sentences, lines of dialogue, character descriptions and/or chapters – ouch! – that do not – cannot to any extent – support your premise. Regardless of how brilliantly you wove the syntax or how deeply the sentiment moves your heart, the misfit must go!

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Purr Me to Sleep

Could! Not! Sleep!!! My mind darted from a looming project deadline, to strategizing new painting techniques, to mowing the backyard, to processing my most recent failed romance, to pulling garden weeds and back again! Recurring . . . a ferocious, chaotic cycle! The clock ticking toward 2:00 a.m. “I have got to get up early in the morning! Please help me sleep!” I wailed to the universe.

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My True Path

Way back when I was in high school as a mere seventeen-year-old, I hung a painting in my first art show. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my first painting ever, but it was certainly among the first I was not ashamed to show in public.

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A Mark with Meaning

In a previous iteration of my artistic self, I was often referred to by friends and colleagues as Word Nazi. I love words. I love everything about them – the sound, the geography, the meaning(s), the word parts, and parts of speech.

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Surprise in the Darkness

You know how an unexpected event in your normal, productive life can simply cut you off at the knees? And the months that follow that event are no longer normal or productive? And you slip from being even-tempered, easy-going, and smooth-sailing into a depressed, weepy blob of an anxious mess?

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Five Swallows Studio

Just outside the entrance to my studio are two barn-swallow nests. Some people consider the prolific birds a nuisance. I do not. I anticipate the annual arrival of mom and pop barn swallow. It makes me happy to see them jet in to check out the accommodations.

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Morning Pages . . . again

Well, here I go again with morning pages. This time, though, a couple of friends are navigating Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way with me. I’m eager to see how this creativity exercise relates to visual arts.

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Pallet Knives and Trowels

When I started painting again, I made two pledges to myself. One: I would avoid using brushes unless absolutely necessary; and Two: I would never ever, ever, ever, ever, never ever leave raw canvas in a finished painting.

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You Can’t Believe Everything You Hear

I had not painted in over 20 years when the desire to return to the canvas began warting me with fleeting notions in late spring of 2016. By the time I had enrolled in a class, the initial flirty thoughts had re-imagined themselves into a battering ram, pounding Get in a class – do it now!

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