01 Oct

Could! Not! Sleep!!! My mind darted from a looming project deadline, to strategizing new painting techniques, to mowing the backyard, to processing my most recent failed romance, to pulling garden weeds and back again! Recurring . . . a ferocious, chaotic cycle! The clock ticking toward 2:00 a.m. “I have got to get up early in the morning! Please help me sleep!” I wailed to the universe.

I couldn’t hear a sound outside in the dead night. There was no breeze flirting with the pecan tree leaves, nor nudging the wind chime to song. The neighborhood bullfrogs were not even singing to each other. Everybody was asleep excepting my loyal cat, Bruce, and me. 

Bruce, who is strongly affected by energy – whether positive or negative . . . or confused – lay across my shoulder and cranked up his purr. 

In other, past sleepless nights, I have been mildly annoyed by Bruce’s loud purring. But on this occasion, rather than resist his expression of comfort, safety and love, I decided to listen. I lay my ear next to his body. The vibration with each inhalation and exhalation reverberated through my head and shoulders. A deep, smooth, cyclic melody . . . calming . . . beautiful. Each note different and the same. My mind and body relaxed together. The only thing that existed was his precious life sound. I thought, What would a purr look like? How could I paint that sound? I visualized a strong, circular motion around a deep core edged with a leafy pattern. Purr. 

Now, I don’t know if Bruce was moved to snuggle so closely that night because I needed comfort, but as I said, he is sensitive to energy. Also, he is without exception the most brilliant cat on the planet. As such, my sweet, boy cat gifted me that night a path to relaxation that led to sound sleep . . . and an idea for a new painting. 

Thank you, Bruce. I love you, too.

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