contemporary abstract art for the contemporary intentional life

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As a young person, I enjoyed painting but didn’t appreciate the full scope of its value to my life. Then during college, I decided to take a path different from art and initiated a writing career. That decision served me well until notions of painting began stealing back into my quiet, reflective moments.

In late 2018, as eagerly as a whispered secret, thoughts of art making urged me to enroll in an acrylic painting class. That experience reminded me how much I love this form of self-expression. Being a writer is a respectable life choice, but I find painting more surprising, liberating and authentic. I now have a deeper appreciation for the work, process and results – and most importantly, how being a contemporary abstract artist informs my personal life – how I frame interpersonal relationships and see nature.

Today my art practice is both deliberate and unstructured. In the process of laying down layer upon layer of thick paint with a pallet knife or towel, I discover the life of the painting. My intuitive, unrestrained approach to art making allows the subject organically to reveal itself. There is something magical – and terrifying – about avoiding a specific plan when starting an abstract piece and letting the work reveal itself in its own way and time.

The two primary energizers for my creative expression are emotional reactions to life events (e.g., romance . . . or the lack thereof . . . and the American political scene), and the fascinating, intricate abstract design found in nature. Both life events and nature require focus, respect and passionate expression.

Reconnecting with art making after a protracted separation, I recognize myself now not as an artist whose visual expression has lain fallow for years, rather as one who has so much more to say without using a word.

The Approach

I am a contemporary abstract artist, who paints from my heart.
I rely on my intuition to create mood and energy in each piece.
My purpose and process result in movement, complexity and trust that invite intimate interpretation.

Mission Statement
to speak love in the art we create and all business relationships

Commissions are available.

Jacqueline Smith Fine Art
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Elgin, TX 78621