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contemporary abstract art for the contemporary intentional life

Jacqueline Smith Fine Art (JSFA) is building a community of art collectors and eco-organizations that are ensuring essential resources remain available for the protection of planet Earth . . . and you can help.

JSFA offers a 20% discount on original fine art when the buyer donates that same 20%-dollar amount to a non-profit eco-organization currently working to restore the health of our planet.

- JSFA applies 20% discount to purchase price.
- Buyer donates the 20% discounted dollar amount to a non-profit organization that is currently working for the preservation, protection, and sustainability of planet Earth. (A list of vetted, credible, legitimate organizations will be provided to choose from, if necessary.)

- Buyer receives a Certificate of Authenticity for original artwork.
- The 20% discounted dollar amount donated to a viable non-profit organization is tax-deductible for 2024.
- The buyer also receives a 20% reduction in Texas sales tax at the time of the purchase.

Commissions are available.